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Ciudad Central

Nuestro objetivo es cubrir todo Tijuana con oración, adoptando calle por calle y así detonar su transformación hacia una ciudad de Dios. read more

Transformation NOW — Hawaii, Gift to the nations

Transformation NOW — Hawaii, Gift to the nations read more

Transform Our World Conference

My thoughts on the Transform Our World Conference read more

Transforming Government in Canada

I founded and lead a marketplace ministry ( directed at transforming government in Canada. Today, Leading Influence provides ministry to political leaders in three provinces (BC, AB, SK) and champions a prayer movement for elected leaders from Ontario to British Columbia. We currently pray for the leaders of over 25 million Canadians on a daily basis. read more

Prayer for non profits

I am looking for people to pray with me for all Christian non profits in their area read more

Food For Thought

I just found this Ministry today and WOW! I Love It. Mr. Ed Silvoso is Extraordinary Himself! have another blogspot that Id like to submit a Link to. Thankyou read more

Papa New Guinea: From Corruption to Multiplication

One man's obedience released God’s power to improve the social and economic quality of life for those trapped in abject poverty. His company pioneered a new breed of micro-businesses that would empower the people of Papa New Guinea from the grassroots... read more

The Juarez Miracle Continues: Watch New DVD Part 3 Trailer

It wasn’t more than four years ago that Juarez, Mexico was making headlines as the “World’s Deadliest City.” It seemed that complete anarchy would be the only outcome of the bloody cartel war that held the city in bondage. But God had another story to write through the courage and conviction of one man who dared to believe God for the breakthrough. read more

Overcoming Challenges with Kindness: New DVD Trailer on the Brantford Miracle

Take a look into the transformational journey of a community of believers in Brantford, Canada who had the courage and faith to look past the derelict and depressing environment of their city to believe God to do the impossible. read more

New DVD Trailer on Transformation in Indonesia

This documentary recounts the birth of a transformational business alliance, the Multiplicator, which is on the cutting edge of social entrepreneurship helping to bridge the gap between the modern development of Indonesia and the people caught in generational poverty. read more

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