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TSOT and the Unending Love of God

This morning my heart was open to the unending Love of the Lord. God Loves us unconditionally and patiently extends His continuous Mercy and Grace, wave after wave, much like the rays of the Sun. The Sun never stops shining down on earth and has never asked for anything back. read more

Swords into Plowshares, and their Spears into Pruninghooks

I am so thankful to be a part of, “The School of Transformation (TSOT) family. Seeing and Hearing the various transformation stories around the World every Thursday at 9am, Hawaii time, encourages me to dream of what the Lord has purposed for our little Island Community of Moloka’i. read more


This is how I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior in April 1979 and then was led to go to the Ends of the Earth where I currently reside and serve. read more

Announcing Transformation NOW- TV!

Join Host Ed Silvoso each week for this 30 minute program as he takes you on an incredible transformation journey to diverse places around the globe, were you will hear how ordinary people are doing extraordinary deeds to make the world a better place... read more

Speak Peace and Follow the Trail

I look back at past Transform Our World (TOW) conferences and noticed one common phrase that sticks out for me in many of the messages, “Speak Peace and then follow the trail”. I see this Kingdom trait, "speaking peace", modeled most graciously in TOW’s founder and visionary, Ed Silvoso, The School of Transformation (TSOT) Director, Chuck Starnes, as well as every speaker at TOW’s conferences. read more

Prayer Evangelism as a Family Lifestyle

Prayer Evangelism is not a program but a lifestyle with our family where we change the spiritual climate in our family and beyond. When we bless, we change the spiritual climate and bring people into God’s kingdom wherever we live, work, and play as a family. read more

Transformation NOW with Ed Silvoso - Episode 1 - Vallejo

In this first episode of our new TV program, Transformation NOW with Ed Silvoso, Ed will take you to Vallejo, California where you will see how a businessman, Michael Brown has repurposed his transportation business to become a vehicle of transformation in their community. read more

A Powerful Financial Partnership

Donate to TSOT read more

The Transformation of a City and a Valley

We have been experiencing incredible physical transformation of the City of Allentown, PA and the entire Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. Since Pray for Lehigh Valley launched in January 2012, there has been a phenomenal growth in economic development that has catapulted a region from near economic collapse to being one of the tops in economic growth in the entire United States! The press has referred to it as: Transformation, Resurrection, Rebirth, Renaissance, and now..."A rebirth, a new beginning for the City of Allentown, and a region!" Enjoy the latest video transformation story! Done by the City of Allentown and the… read more

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