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Hahs Family 2014 Year End Report

Our media production department is growing, we launched a regular television program, there is a very exciting development with our Global Conference, and best of all I share a short video of our kids that show how God is moving among the youth. read more

TRANSFORMATION NOW! Brantford, Ontario

Check out what happens when a community of believers gains the faith to look past the derelict and depressing condition of their city and see God’s dreams for it! Once filled with addiction, poverty and a Church divided and disarrayed, Brantford, Ontario became a hub for creative strategies to overcome the darkness when a small group of people trained in transformation allowed God to break their hearts for their city. read more

Dr. Hank Wuh - Innovative Strategies to Eliminate Systemic Poverty

Dr. Hank Huh, founder and CEO of Skia Ventures, shares on innovative strategies to eliminate systemic poverty at the 2014 Transform Our World Global Conference. One company they have founded has produced a cure for cornea blindness, another technology can make the counterfeiting of drugs virtually impossible... read more

Lord Nat Wei — How to Avoid the Impending Tech Lash

Lord Nat Wei, the youngest member of the British Parliament, talks about the impending "Tech Lash" and how to solve it... read more

Transformation NOW - Valley Christian Schools

In this episode, we go inside Valley Christian Schools to see how faculty and students are working together to bring transformation to the field of education. At Valley, students are encouraged to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul mind and strength. They are empowered to do this by being given access to industry standard technology for the sciences, arts, and digital communication. They then take the transformational qualities they have learned out into the world as they commit themselves to helping students from less fortunate schools. read more

Transformation NOW - Indonesia

In this episode Ed Silvoso will take you to the nation of Indonesia, where Sentul City and the regency of East Belitung have been dedicated to God. As a result, corruption is diminished, religious and community leaders stand in unity, the economy is growing, and the even the land itself is being healed. read more

The Best is Yet to Come

This past year ITN has seen tremendous acceleration and growth as ordinary people like you have stepped out in faith to see nations saved, but at the same time have experienced unusual difficulties on a personal, national and global scale. It seems that as the light gets brighter, the darkness seems to cover the Earth... read more

Some Things Need to be Disrupted

Some Things Need to be Disrupted read more

Transformation NOW — Hawaii, Gift to the nations

Transformation NOW — Hawaii, Gift to the nations read more

Transform Our World Conference

My thoughts on the Transform Our World Conference read more

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