Together We Can Make a Difference in California
Adopt Your Street today!

God created California and He has a dream for this state. Together we can make a difference!

Let's raise a canopy of prayer in every community, street by street, county by county, touching every school, every business and each of the 25,000 political precincts in the state.

Join the movement. ADOPT YOUR STREET today!


God Created California

Together We Can Make a Difference!

God created California, and the devil is the one who is messing things up. We may be tempted to blame politicians, special interest groups, the courts, or someone else, but let us remember that darkness can only exist in the absence of light. The smallest flicker of light shatters the blackest darkness and turns crisis into opportunity.

For that reason, we are inviting every Christian in California to "turn on the light" by lifting up holy hands in prayer everywhere on behalf of the deep felt needs of our state and its people.

The California Canopy of Prayer is encouraging and coalescing hundreds of locally-led prayer initiatives so that all of California will be prayed for - street by street, precinct by precinct, in every community, city and county, 7 days a week, year in and year out.

Why "ADOPT YOUR STREET"? Simply because almost every "prayable" person or thing is found at a street address somewhere. When you "ADOPT YOUR STREET", you are committing to pray for whomever and whatever is on that street. The future begins at the street you adopt.

We invite you to play the vital and unique part only you can play in building The California Canopy of Prayer. ADOPT YOUR STREET today!

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