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Here Is How You Can Get Started on Your Transformation Journey

The School of Transformation

A newly added component to the mentoring program is what we are calling "The School of Transformation". Named after Paul's base of operations in the marketplace in Ephesus that in two years caused "all who lived in Asia to hear the Word of God". It was started around a successful prototype following a transformation conference to guide the participants through personal, family and sphere of influence transformation by means of a weekly conference call led by Ed Silvoso and senior associates. Participation in the school is by invitation only, click here to request more information.

ITN: The International Transformation Network

ITN is our strategic alliance of marketplace and pulpit ministers from all walks of life who Pray, Partner & Participate. ITN is focused on developing transformational, God-honoring solutions to the systemic social, economic, educational, and governmental ills facing the nations of the world. ITN membership is also your entry point into the Transformation Continuum, a series of member-only vehicles designed to maximize your impact. We invite you to join the ITN family of ordinary people doing extraordinary deeds to bring God’s goodness, peace and joy to the world.

Transform Our World 2016 Global Conference in Silicon Valley-San Francisco, California

Save the date for our Transform Our World Global Conference in Silicon Valley-San Francisco, California, October 3rd – 7th, 2016. There will also be Regional Transformation Conferences in:

  • Argentina
  • Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • and more

Transformation University

Prototypes are the syllabus and leading practitioners and the faculty. Study with world class leaders who have built transformational prototypes in their fields. Network with like-minded believers. Develop your God-given ability to change your world.

Now accepting Quarter 2 registrations!

10 Steps of the Transformation Journey

The Transformation Journey begins with a personal commitment to live a lifestyle of transformation. It extends out to your family, then to your sphere of influence, and then overflows to the world around you. See where you are at in the journey and find resources to move forward.

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