International Transformation Network


ITN is a worldwide strategic alliance of marketplace and pulpit ministers from all walks of life who Pray, Partner & Participate. ITN is focused on developing transformational, God-honoring solutions to the systemic social, economic, educational, and governmental ills facing the nations of the world, in essence to see the will of God done on Earth as Jesus taught us. Joining ITN is also your entry point into the Transformation Continuum, a series of strategically aligned, member-only vehicles designed to maximize your impact. We invite you to join the ITN family of ordinary people doing extraordinary deeds to bring God’s goodness, peace and joy to the world.

Through the presence and influence of ITN members:

  • Parañaque City, Philippines has overcome perennial debt to become a model city for the nation.
  • In Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, the murder rate decreased by 90% in the last two years.
  • Vallejo, California’s first bankrupt city, has emerged from bankruptcy and is becoming a model for economic recovery and innovative generosity.
  • The island of Maui, Hawaii is becoming a hunger-free zone.
  • In Thailand, the city of Phuket is demonstrating that it is possible to uproot systemic corruption.

International Transformation Network

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ITN Member Benefits

  • Free access to all ministry vehicles in the Transformation Contiuum.
  • Free use of "Mentoring with Ed Silvoso" 12 modules.
  • Opportunity to enlist in the School of Transformation, an ongoing "gathering" of transformational leaders guided by Ed Silvoso to deepen transformation at the personal and family level as well as in your own sphere of influence.
  • Eligibility to enroll in the Transformation University.
  • Complementary pre-release copy of new documentaries (DVDs) (four titles a year).
  • Quarterly webinar on "Hot Transformation Topics."
  • Subscription to monthly premiere podcast.
  • And much more …