God has a very positive opinion of you!

That's why He is using so many ordinary people to do extraordinary deeds all over the world. Let God use the stories below to enlarge your dreams and move you up to a new realm of possibilities.

Begin the journey

You are probably asking yourself, "Where do I begin?". Here are some helpful tools to get you started.

International Transformation Network

When you join ITN, over 2700 pulpit and marketplace ministers from every continent immediately become your friends and allies, and a wealth of tools and resources are put at your fingertips.
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Chuck Starnes

The School of Transformation

When Biblical reasoning leads to deeper personal transformation, this sets the stage for extraordinary miracles that will change people, institutions and the world! This 10-week live webcast lead by Ed Silvoso features a host of practitioners whose life experiences will make transformation real for You, Your Family and Your Spheres of Influence.

Kevin Mitchell

Seven Specialty Institutes

At the Transformation Entrepreneurs Institute, top-level entrepreneurs from a wide spectrum of industries are synergizing to develop effective models for a new way of doing business. Six similar institutes are being developed for Business, Education, Government, the Pastorate, Intercession, Worship, and Youth and Family.

The Transformation University

At TU, prototypes are the syllabus and the leaders that have built them are the faculty. More than taught, you are mentored into producing your own transformation prototype.

Empower Others

You are well on your way! Now put The Transformation Continuum to work for you to engage, equip and empower others in your spheres of influence to follow you and join with us to transform the world!